Tack Repair

Tack Repair

Bridles, Reins, Horse Boots, Strap Goods and More

Fast, Affordable Tack Repair. Your riding tack plays a major role in your riding safety and enjoyment. When your tack breaks you want an expert to handle the repair. That’s where our team brings passion and expert craftsmanship to every repair. Pacific Saddlery will reconstruct your tack to make them look and feel like new again.

The prices below reflect an average cost for the listed repair; the actual cost may vary. Once we receive your items, a repair specialist will inspect your items, then contact you to go over the repair and pricing. If you have questions or don’t see what you need, call 888-371-0883 or text 949-356-9356 for an estimate.

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Standard Bridle Repair Pricing
Make and Attach Flash
Clean and Recondition Bridle
Replace Hook and Stud Platform
Shorten Any Turnback
Replace Bridle Buckle or Keeper
Shorten Bridle Part
Remove Flash From Noseband
Re-set Fixed Keeper
Standard Girth Repair Pricing
Replace Girth Elastic ( 3 Ply per pair)
Replace Girth Elastic (2Ply per pair)
Replace Girth Buckles (4)
Re-stitch Chapes (4)
Add D Ring
Standard Halter Repair Pricing
Re-stitch any part. of halter/lead
Replace buckle/snap of halter/lead
Standard Martingale or Breastplate Repair Pricing
Shorten Any Turnback
Shorten Any Strap
Standard Rein Repair Pricing
Re-rubber Reins
Re-lace Reins
Add Hand Stops To Reins
Replace Hook, Platform, Keepers
Shorten Reins
Replace Buckles/Keepers
Standard Stirrup Leather Repair Pricing
Re-stitch stirrup leather
Replace Buckle
  • Take-a-Picture

    Call, Text or Email for an Estimate

    Every repair is unique send us a quick email, call, or text and we’ll respond quickly with an estimate.

    Call: 888-371-0883
    Text: 949-356-9356
    Email: [email protected]

  • Ship

    Ship Your Items To Us

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    31980 Corte Positas
    Temecula, CA 925922

    * Packages will be opened with gloves and contents will be disinfected. No alcohol will be used on leather. We recommend getting both insurance and tracking.

  • Receive-Repaired

    After We Receive Your Items

    • A repair specialist inspects your items, then contacts you to go over the repair and pricing
    • We’ll repair your items with expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality materials
    • After the repair is completed, we’ll email you an invoice including pictures of your repaired items
    • Once the invoice has been paid, we’ll ship your items back

    * All repairs will be packaged with gloves and contents will be disinfected. No alcohol will be used on leather.


Please include this completed form in the package with your items for repair

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